Avrio is a cryptocurrency written from scratch in rust. It uses an entirely brand new and unique

protocol to provide amazingly fast TPS (Transactions confirmed Per Second) and features that allow it to contend with fiat (cash). Development in August 2019, the first testnet is planed to launch early march 2020. Unlike bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency) avrio does not use the PoW (proof of work, also known as mining) to confirm transactions. Instead it rewards computers who are running the avrio software for checking that transactions are valid. In bitcoin there is one central append only (add only, you can't edit older data) database, this is known as the blockchain. In Avrio every wallet has its own blockchain, this means that users do not have to download the entire history of transactions - only pertaining them (eg if money is sent to or from their wallet). This means users can get started in a matter of seconds, rather than hours like in bitcoin. Another unique feature implemented in avrio is on blockchain usernames, this allows anyone to register a username and link it to their wallet. People can then send funds to this username.

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