• Slackjore

    Wiki adoption

    January 3, 2018 by Slackjore

    Hey guys,

    In a week I would like to apply to adopt this wiki, since the founder/bureaucrat did a bunk after two days in 2014.

    I've been very interested in cryptocurrencies since 2011. I maintain the Byteball wiki at, (now copied into and have written 90% of it personally.

    Comments welcome. :)

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  • Slackjore

    Here is your textcoin link to receive 7 Zwibs (my own Byteball token): First come, first served.

    See for creating your own coins/tokens in five minutes.

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  • Slackjore

    Free Byteball Bytes

    January 2, 2018 by Slackjore

    For someone new to Byteball (please), here is a textcoin link to receive 0.00103 GB ( = 1.03 MB = 103,000,000 bytes): This is about 50 cents US, enough for maybe 1500 typical Byteball transactions.

    Textcoin details are at

    If you would prefer some other cryptocurrency, simply use the Byteball-Altcoin Exchange Bot inside the wallet (Chat > Bot Store).

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