Fandom Gold Project
Introduced Jan 8th 2018
Hash function CryptoNight var2 Monero v8
Block time 8 minutes
Block reward ~2.1 XFG
Coin cap 8M8
Diff. retarget Zawy LWMA1
Halvening smoothly decreasing
mintxfee 0.08 XFG
Premine None

        Fango (XFG) or "Fandom Gold" is an open-source P2P decentralized cryptocurrency launched by an alias "æjontargaryen" on Jan 8th 2018 that is used to both securely store & transfer monetary wealth privately between individuals utilizing the Fango peer-to-peer blockchain network.

Originally launched as {Dragonglass} (DRGL), a Game Of Thrones premiere countdown fandom in-&-of itself, the project involved a stealth launch of source-code only at time of announcement, distributing approximately 80% of the network's total currency supply to everyone mining the network during the 1.5 years leading up to GOT's 8th and final season premiere date.

The overall project was later officially renamed to the Fandom Gold Project in conjunction with the US-airing date for HBO's series debut of His Dark Materials. Network currency name (Fango) & ticker (XFG) were also officially renamed during this time.

Currency Edit

Fango is based upon the CryptoNote protocol which utilizes ring signatures to provide a standard level of privacy and obfuscation for each transaction made on the network.

CryptoNote blockchain analysis ambiguity

After implementing ring signatures.

Unlike Bitcoin or other psuedo-anonymous cryptocurrencies, Fango sender & receiver addresses and wallet balances are not publicly viewable or traceable on public block explorers.  However, participants of each Fango transaction are able to personally verify and easily prove with validation from any public XFG block explorer (1 , 2) that payment was sent and/or received by using an unique one-time key generated for each transfer called the Transaction-Private-Key.

Social EconomyEdit

Currently, the Fandom Gold Project is utilizing a Peer-2-Peer tipping system using Fango to monetize the value of your time spent on fandom thru the expression of gratitude or appreciation by way of sending an approximate amount of value (represented in currency units of XFG) to one another. This is the fundamental philosophy upon which all current & future endeavors of the Fandom Gold project R2B based.

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