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How it works[]

At the end of 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto introduces the Bitcoin, an implementation of decentralised cryptographic money. In the past few years the digital coin has proven itself in terms of security and adoption.

The lack of a central administration prevents any government or other party from manipulating the value or abolishing the coin. The Bitcoin code is open source en may be used by anyone. New Cryptocurrencies arise every day, of which some break through as Bitcoin competitors, for example Litecoin and Onecoin.

The future[]

Thanks to Satoshi we can bring back our beloved coin without the Dutch government. In a shape that is future-oriented, and will turn out to be indestructible due to the support of the Dutch people.

In 2014 we bring it back in digital form, the Guldencoin.There will exist a maximum of 1,68 billion Guldencoins in circulation after a period of 40 years. Of which 9% will be distributed among the Dutch citizens.