Medooza coin is the official token of the Medooza Symbiotic Blockchain Ecosystem.

The MDZA is an ERC20 token and it's current proce is: 0.10 USD.

“We Are Going To Make The Blockchain World Accessible For anyone And Challenge The Way That Users, Advertisers & Organizations Interact With A Revolutionary Way for Users Engagement”.[edit | edit source]

The Medooza ecosystem site:

Medooza project site

The Medooza ecosystem include unique platforms that combines into one powerful Ecosystem and it's powered with the Medooza token that you can use to buy services and goods - like this market place

Blockchain experts and analytics says thatthi project is going to be one of the top 10 Blockchain projects for 2019.


Medooza Symbiotic Ecosystem

Click to see some of the platforms that the project team already launched:

The Medooza wallet


Best cryptocurrency wallet 2019 - Medooza crypto wallet beginners guide


Medooza Shortly Platform - one of the promising platform for crypto users

Shortly Platform

The Medooza wallet:

  • Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP And 2500+ ERC20 coins!
  • Maximum security.
  • Video guides.
  • Amazing fast UI/UX.
  • Earn ans spend Medooza Coins
  • Both Hot and Cold Wallet
  • All transactions in one place with low fees.
  • Send / Receive / Buy coins with credit card
  • Personal notifications
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