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SpartanCoin was firstly issued by SpartanCoin Developers on Feb 28, 2014, that their home website is SpartanCoin transaction and exchange ticker is SPN. There are about 51.91 Billion SPN circulating supply in the market currently. Spartan is an Ancient Greek meme representing the fearless spirit of the warriors, yet today the global Internet is widespread and so some Internet freedom is also added to the meme. After some years of evolution, SpartanCoin Xjail volunteers have been maintaining the network for some months and will continuing assist the brilliant of SpartanCoin. SpartanCoin Xjail will explore and digg much more open and commercial possibilities to assist SpartanCoin growth.

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SpartanCoin Home migrates to a TLD domain:


SpartanCoin Xjail is a volunteer project aiming to be Internet freedom and be a network foundation of SpartanCoin.

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